New day, new start!

I’ve been on the fence about starting a new area on my blog. I’m struggling with diabetes. This has plagued me for four years and for four years I tried to ignore it. I guess the mentality is that if I don’t acknowledge it I won’t have it.

However, every where I look I see people who are doing the same thing I am and it isn’t working well for them. Pretty sure that if I continue on this path it won’t work out well for me either.

So I’m adding a new section to my blog called Health. This section will be focused on me trying to regain my health and get to a position in my life that I won’t have to worry about my family losing their father and husband early. Grant it, things in life do happen, but I want to be a person that goes down fighting instead of laying down. So it begins.

Let me start with my current state of health. My A1C, a blood rating to determine the average blood sugar level over three months, is 11.5. Apparently at 15 you die. I need to get this down to 5.

My other numbers are horrible as well. I won’t go into much detail because it would only depresses me. My focus is getting my blood sugar under control.

To accomplish this task I have opted to try some new medication called Trulicity. This drug is a receptor blocker to help keep my blood sugar low. It is an injection taken once a week.

Today was my first day. Man was it a trip. For starters I really hate needles. Second, I experienced most of the side effects from the drug. I lost my appetite, felt sick, tired, and couldn’t stop belching. I’m hoping that the side effects subside over time. Even if they don’t, I’m going to stay on this for several months to see if it helps my condition.

Another change that I’m making is starting to work out. I really hate this, however it’s something that I must do. Starting after Thanksgiving I will change my work schedule of 7 to 5 and hit the gym before work. I know that no matter what, I must endure this change for at least one month before it stops being a pain in the ass and becomes a daily part of who I am.

So this is my plan. I’m going to post weekly updates and see how it goes. I’m not expecting feedback as I don’t have any followers, but I’m actually doing this more for me to look back upon than providing to an audience.

Wish me luck,

Fishin’ Will.

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