Turkey Hunt – Fall 2016

I’m not the most experienced when it comes to hunting turkey, actually most hunters probably have more skill at taking the big gobblers than I do. However, this doesn’t mean I can’t get lucky some times.

During one of my deer hunts this fall I heard something working it’s way through the bush. Before I could get ready a turkey burst out into the open. My blind was about 20 yards away from where the bird appeared giving me only a brief moment to raise my crossbow. Before I could get a shot the turkey was gone, but I could hear another turkey closely following on the spurs of the first one.

I raise the crossbow waiting for the second turkey to stick it’s neck out of the bush. I knew that I would need to quickly look for a beard and make the shot before the second turkey would bolt back into the bush. The first thing I saw was a tuft of hair followed by a bulbous redhead. I instantly knew this was a gobbler.

As the turkey came into view I let Horton Legend Ultralite crossbow release a deadly bolt tipped with a Rage broadhead. The bolt caught the turkey perfectly broadside and exited into the bush. The turkey kicked and fluttered for about a minute when it finally settled quietly down.

To reiterate, I’m new at turkey hunting and only knew it needed to have a beard. What I didn’t know was that the turkey I shot was considered really big for Florida. I later showed my in-laws the 12″ beard. They were surprised and mentioned that they rarely see a 12″ beard. The biggest they’ve seen was 10″.

So, this proves a point. Even the inexperienced can get lucky on a hunt, but you won’t get lucky sitting at home. Get out there and hunt, you may just get lucky.

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