Trying to Boar Hunt – April 23, 2015

Next month my club dues come up. This got me thinking how I haven’t taken any game in the club. Some of this was because I got a late start in the season and not participating in the archery or black powder season. To compound the issue, I took a week off of work during doe week only to find that the timber company that held property adjacent to my area had started clear cutting. All these things added up to a terrible season.

Image of Barrett Raptor FX Crossbow used for huntingI told myself that this coming season would be different. I purchased a new Barrett Raptor FX crossbow so I could take advantage of archery season. I scouted a different location for my tree stand, one that provided a better shooting lane and showed a lot of traffic from game animals. There was one thing left for me to do. Try to take game before my club dues needed to be turned in. Why? I had to reassure myself that hunting was something I wanted to do.

I started putting corn out to attract a few of the boars that wandered the club. I’ve never shot a boar and this would be a good time to do it before the summer temperature kicks in. I hunted my tree stand with no luck. Todd, the club president, told me to hunt his stand near a thicket where he had seen boar before. Late Tuesday night I was putting corn out at the stand, hoping that the boar would find it before the next mornings hunt.

Wednesday morning came along and went without a single sign of a boar. The only animal to venture around the stand was a large opossum that seemed oblivious that I even existed. I wasn’t able to hunt that following afternoon due to family obligations, but I definitely wanted to be there the next morning.

Thursday morning started out great. I quietly slipped into the tree stand about 30 minutes for sunrise. I was about to click on the Thermocell when I heard something crashing through the woods in front of me. I picked up my gun ready for a boar to bust through, but the animal stayed one pine row away from me. At least this was more action than I had seen before.

As the morning progressed I started to wonder if any boar would emerge. That’s when I noticed something moving near the corn. As I raised my gun I saw that it was a deer instead of a boar. I had hunted all season and didn’t see any deer and now that I’m no longer hunting them, one appears. Just my luck.

The deer hung out and ate corn for about 30 minutes before wondering off. Shortly after shooters at the Fraternal Order of Police shooting range broke the peaceful morning silence with rapid fire pistols shots.

Here’s a clip of the deer at the corn.

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