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I’m writing this from my ground blind as I wait the mighty buck to stroll into the opening allowing me to unleash my bullet at him. This however isn’t working out.

Opening day rifle season in Northeast Florida was Nov 1. The day was clear and cold with 25+ mph winds. It was the first cold of Fall. I had not expected 41 degree weather in Florida.

Never the less I went to the box stand. I was determined to hunt opening day. As I sat there shivering I wondered why I even hunt. Let’s face it. I’m a computer guy that would rather play video games then go outside. The answer was simple, hunting allows me to be something I wasn’t before. Hunting is a completely different set of skills that I’ve needed to learn. These skills do help with other parts of my life. The biggest is learning to wait. Plain and simply, I needed to learn how to have patience and relax. It’s amazing how time slows down when you’re our in the woods.

The first morning was cold and quite u unproductive. I was unable to return evening as I had a prior engagement that night with the Matanzas Jeep Club.

On the second day I went to my tree stand location a little ways from the stand I hunted on the first day. This stand is a Rivers Edge jumbo Jack stand that is designed with more room for the hunter.

The stand over looks a small swamp that has plenty of deer signs around it. The weather was nice and everything seemed perfect, but the only deer to arrive was a doe. She looked decent size, but I was after bucks.

On the way out I came across a tree with fruit I hadn’t seen before. What’s unique is how the deer had tore up the ground to get up at the tree. This gave me a thought. Could I set up a ground blind with a clear shot at any deer that may come out?

I stopped at Gander Mountain on the way back to the hunting club and picked up an Invisi-Bull one-man ground blind. The blind was really easy to popup and I setup quickly. Now it’s just a waiting game.


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