Afterwork Fishing Trip

Fun in the Florida Sun

No clouds in the sky, doors are off, and no top on the Jeep makes for a great day to go fishing.

Let me take a moment to vent my frustration. I normally don’t do this, but I think it’s appropriate. I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember. One thing I’ve noticed is that more and more places are getting trashed. You’ll see in this video that the around the dam was a bunch of junk people decided to dump. Why can’t you dispose of it properly. All you’re doing is giving cause for property owner to shut down the land. Please take trash where it belongs.

This little lake is located on an abandon golf course in Palm Coast. The golf course shut down in 2008 when the economy bottomed out. The property has sat vacant since then. I  was leery to fish there since I didn’t know who owned it. One day while passing the golf course I saw a gentlemen mowing the course. I asked him if it was OK to fish the course. He said as long as the course was shut down to play, people were allowed to walk and fish the course. This was a few year ago. Been fishing there since.

Yum Dinger Soft Plastic BaitOn this fishing trip I used a 5″ Yum Dinger soft plastic worm on a weedless hook. I purposely went with no weight to allow the bait to move throughout the water column imitating a wounded fish. I started with an aggressive “walking the dog” technique. I changed my technique slightly to do a 5 twitch burst and then let the bait slowly float down. This made the bait look like a wound fish giving it’s last effort.

After not getting any bites for few minutes I changed up the technique.  This time greatly slowing down the twitch. This seemed to do the trick. I quickly had a small largemouth bass on the line.

2014-05-05 Largemouth Bass Num 1A couple of minutes after the first fish I hooked into a second bass, this time larger. The bass weighed 2 1/2 lbs. Not huge, but a fun fish to catch. I ended up keeping this fish as it was hooked in the stomach esophagus.

After this fish the bites had stopped, I decided to walk around the lake and check out the different areas. Made it around the bend to another area that I love to fish at and found two alligators sitting in one of my favorite fishing areas. I hate it when other creatures beat me to a spot.

Made my way around the lake near the far bridge. This is an old golf cart crossing and makes a nice fishing spot. Threw against the opposite side of the hole and instantly had my bait picked up. Something was taking off with my bait. I set the hook and found that bait was left in the water. 2014-05-05 Largemouth Bass Num 2With this information I was able to figure out the culprit was a gar. Gar are nasty long fish with armor plated scales and razor sharp teeth. A largemouth bass strikes at the head of the bait, engulfing it. A gar strikes at prey from behind, attempting to wound the fish and then tear it to pieces. This means that setting a hook on a gar just leaves the bait in the gar’s mouth.

Made another attempt from the same location, this time I aimed for an area covered in lily pads. Got a bit and set the hook. Was able to pull the fish out, but ended up losing the fish in the end.

As the sun was starting to get low I decided to move onto the bridge. I was able to lure out one last bass, who joined his kin in my fish bucket.

Fish Tacos

I’m a firm believer in taking some and leaving some. On a lot of my trips I release the fish. On this trip I kept two of the fish. The meat will be used in my family’s taco night. You’d be amazed how much meat you can get from two fish.

Largemouth Fish Fillets

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