2014 Happy Trails 4×4 Poker Run

Poker Run

What’s better than playing poker? How about playing poker with Jeeps. Many of you may be familiar with a “Poker Run”, but not me. It was the first time I’ve heard of one. It’s really simple. You drive your vehicle to card stop, pick your card, have card stop volunteer sign off, and move to the next stop. At the end of the run you turn in the paper with the cards you picked and wait to see who has the best hand.

This weekends poker run was hosted by Happy Trails 4×4 of Jacksonville and partnered with the Matanzas Jeep Club. This was a charity poker run. Proceeds went to the Wheelers for the Wounded and the Wildlife Rescue Coalition.

For this event I volunteered to help out signing off on the cards picked by the participates at Card Stop #3. My stop was the last before the drivers had to take the challenge of off-roading to card stops 4 & 5.


After my shift I was able to take to the course and try some off-roading for myself. I steered clear, no pun intended, of the mud hole. This advice was given by one member from the Matanzas Jeep Club member who said, “don’t go in the big ass mud hole.” It was good advice. Saw a lot of muddy stuck Jeeps. Don’t get me wrong, I like to play in the mud, but there is maintenance that needs to happen after mudding that I haven’t learned to do yet. I will learn and make it a “How To” for other novice off-roaders.

I was offered to tag along with Flint Anderson through the dirt hills. He promised that no matter where I got stuck at he’d be able to pull me out. This gave me the confidence to try some new challenges. It’s great having people around that were willing to help and teach. I also had help from one of the Happy Trails 4×4 staff member guiding me through one of the tougher parts of the hill. He gave me a run down on using 4WD low for crawling.

Here’s the ride-a-long video. You’ll notice a lot of bug splat marks on the windshield. Lovebugs were all over the place during this event.

Photo Gallery

Here’s a bunch of photos my wife and daughter took of the Jeeps as they were coming into Card Stop #3.


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